READY to take a cruise and wanting to know where to go, and on which ship?

Such requests frequently drop into the digital letterbox, and there is no easy answer as everyone is so different.

Take this request that arrived recently:

“I’m considering a cruise next year, mid-year perhaps.  I look to your blog to get some inspiration for ships and destinations as there is always a plethora of information. Put simply, if I could go on one ‘must-go’ cruise which one would it be? I will probably be travelling alone and am after the ‘wow’ factor to keep the mid-life crisis at bay.”

It would be wonderful to have a single, perfect answer for this reader, but  sadly that  is not the case.

Even a cruise to one spot on the same ship is  different every time, depending on changing factors such as the weather, the mix of passengers, even the dynamics that come with a change of crew.

If  looking for that elusive “wow” factor one should also consider “bragging rights”. Being able to say you have just sailed on one of the biggest, newest ships on the planet certainly carries kudos. What’s more, these floating cities have something to suit every taste, and there will be so much to talk about later.

Below is a taste of Anthem of the Seas which has yet to make her maiden voyage.


Anthem of the Seas (with almost 5000 passengers)  makes her debut in Europe in May next year. and will be a hot contenders in the “wow” factor stakes as is Quantum of the Seas, which makes her maiden voyage in November this year with 4000+ passengers. On board either ship you’ll find a sky diving simulator, surf simulator, bumper cars, a glass capsule that soars above the ship for 360 degree views, as well as ground breaking entertainment including Broadway shows.

There will be enough passengers on board to find kindred spirits, and itineraries that range across the globe. Initially Quantum will be based in New York for Caribbean cruises, but by next May she will be Shanghai bound via Europe, the Middle East, India, and South East Asia. Anthem will be based in Southampton for European cruises,




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