AUSTRALIA’S love affair with cruising shows no sign of abating with almost 1-million expected to holiday at sea in 2015. At the same time Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) forecasts that world-wide 23 million people will take a cruise this year.

So why have Australians taken to cruising like proverbial ducks to water?

Much credit goes to those road warriors who backpacked along the hippy trail in the 1970s. They are now Australia’s cashed up generation, often retired, and still passionate about travel.

They enjoy the finer things of life, and the relaxed pace of cruising that now offers so many “hot” destinations still on their “bucket lists”.

Sydney with its to-die-for harbour views remains the busiest port in Australia.
Sydney with its to-die-for harbour views remains the busiest port in Australia.

Australia’s cruise industry is ranked number one in the world for market growth with almost 4 per cent of Australians taking a cruise in 2013 when official figures were last published.

That is a 20 per cent increase on the previous year, and double the growth of other major cruise markets – Germany and France grew 9 per cent, the USA 3 per cent, and the UK/Ireland 1 per cent.

Official cruise figures for 2014 will  be published by mid-year, and are expected to show further growth.

The boom has prompted international cruise lines to send a large flotilla Down Under, with around 640 ships visiting Australian ports this summer.

Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas is the largest arrival, with just over 3000 passengers, and is home ported in Sydney for cruises to Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Fiji, as well as to New Zealand, recently wrote a similar post for the cruise travel company Cruise1st,


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