Cruising along the Danube River at scenic Durnstein (Austria) on APT's AmaReina.
Cruising along bucolic scenery on the Danube River at Durnstein (Austria) on APT’s AmaReina.

Readers ask why has ignored river cruising in recent posts.

In reply, it is not intentional. However, there is not much action on the river cruising scene at this time of year, particularly in Europe – the most popular river cruise destination – as the weather there is not the best right now.

All that changes next month, April, as spring arrives in Europe when the weather improves, and the river cruising scene revs up.

While Amsterdam to Budapest remains the classic river cruise – sailing through the heart of Europe from Holland, to Germany, Austria, and Hungary – there are now many others options across Europe.

There are cruises through wine-growing country on the Douro River in Portugal, as well as cruises along France’s Soane, Rhone, Garonne and Dordogne rivers for historic Normandy and the D-Day beaches and Monet’s gardens at Giverny, as well as to that nation’s renowned culinary and wine-growing regions.

Then there is Eastern Europe where a cruise of Russia from St. Petersburg to Moscow is a veritable feast of treasures for art lovers and historians as well as for those who want to taste Russia today.

At the same time river cruising is starting to boom across Asia with a number of exiting new river cruises.  But, more on those in a later post.

River cruise companies include:








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